Instagram is Calling for Local Businesses in UAE

Identifying your audience

Before working on advertising and marketing initiatives, small business owners in the UAE need to spend time figuring out exactly what social networks their audience is using in order to reach them. For several important consumer segments, that would be Instagram. At the start of 2018, there were approximately 2 million Instagram users in the UAE, a number that is expected to rise at a faster rate than other countries.

To put things in perspective, in 2017, the Instagram users base in the UAE rose around 60 percent from the year prior. By comparison, the rest of the world was only rising at a rate of 40 percent. Along with this, the Instagram demographic skews younger, with half the audience being under 30 in the UAE. UAE Instagram users also report primarily showing the most interaction with topics related to shopping, fashion, food, and fitness. Any company even tangentially related to one of these fields will want to have a strong Instagram advertising presence in order to find marketing success.

Advertising on Instagram

When you’re putting together an Instagram marketing campaign, you have a few options to choose from in terms of your budgeting, whether you want to pay-per-engagement or on an impression-based basis, also known as CPM. The good news is that Instagram advertising is well-suited for people who are uncertain about whether or not they want to dive head-first into social media ads. This is because the minimum daily budget for your ads to appear is low compared to other sorts of digital marketing platforms.

The beauty of Instagram as a marketing channel is that it caters to any marketing objective that you might have, whether you’re looking for building brand awareness, customer engagement, video marketing, or lead generation, Instagram offers a solution. For a small & medium local business in UAE it becomes imperative to at least experiment with Instagram marketing.

Beyond Advertising

There are a variety of different methods of Instagram marketing that can yield results for your company. One thing worth looking into is trying to enter a partnership with an Instagram influencer. These individuals already have a huge audience based on their own content, and can position your products or services in front of said audience. The key is to make sure you work with someone who matches your audience. For example, a company making protein powder is a perfect match for a fitness-based influencer.

Instagram marketing is something that is on the rise across the world, but especially in the UAE. For this reason, whether you plan on starting your own page or trying to work with influencers to get more eyes on your product, there’s a lot that Instagram has to offer for local SMBs in UAE.

If you’re a local business in UAE, let us know in the comments section below how Instagram Ads have helped your business.


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