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How to Create a B2B Media Campaign

Typically, when we think of brands that feature heavily on social media, it is the B2C companies that come to mind first. It is rare to hear stories of a technology or a mining company crushing it on Facebook or Twitter.

In fact, at bfound, we create the majority of our own inbound marketing leads from social media campaigns. A couple of years ago we relied on cold calling, but we’ve optimized our campaigns through months of trial and error resulting in a strong inbound funnel of relevant leads.

There is a huge opportunity to earn leads through B2B social media and here is how:

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Coping With COVID-19: Your New Business Strategy

While the world fights over toilet paper, potato chips and hand sanitizers, businesses around the world are changing the way they work to stay functional and available. Keeping customers updated with changes in business hours, delivery schedules and product updates can play a massive role during this time.

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2019 In Search

2019 is coming to an end and the internet is already filling up with articles on how to get a running start in 2020. Heck the Guinness World Records 2020 came out in September, 2019! At bfound, we’ve already got clients coming up to us to ask how they should structure their digital marketing strategy for the coming year. We recommend starting by taking a moment to review what consumers loved last year.

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No More Missed Calls With bfound Call Tracking

Tired of losing business every time you miss a customer’s call? Your prayers have been answered! Coming to you from bfound’s library of amazing services, the bfound Call Tracking tool is a flexible service that is built to help businesses take control of their incoming customer calls. Clubbed with the bfound Scheduling Tool, it is the perfect way to help push your target customers from ‘lead’ to ‘loyal customer’!

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Coping With Seasonality In The UAE

Updated: November 5, 2019

November is here, and the new year is right around the corner. The UAE is now in full swing as online and offline shopping trends spike once more. Small, medium and large businesses alike are ramping up their marketing spends as consumers gear up for two months filled with long weekends and vacations. Add the Expo 2020 excitement to the mix and you’re looking at some great opportunities to grow your business. But with great business opportunity comes great competition.

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