Where Is Your Digital Marketing Failing? Take The Test!

We’ve talked about it a few times and you can find it in the ‘Free Tools’ section on our website. It is probably the only digital presence scanner on the internet that gives you a full diagnostic scan of your website, listing and complete digital presence, without trying to sell you a yacht in the ads.

A 28-Point Scan

This is the scan your freelance website developer wishes you’d never found!

Once you punch in your website’s URL, the bfound Online Wizard runs your website through multiple systems to create an all-in-one report within a minute. The 28-point scan goes beyond your website and also scans your website’s social readiness, your paid online marketing, your control, and your local presence.

A new window pops open and you get a detailed digital report card with a summary, an identification of your strengths and weaknesses, and realistic recommendations for how you can fix your weaknesses.

how bfound online wizard works

First, Your Website

The bfound Online Wizard starts with your website and dives under the hood to check for weaknesses in areas that are important for major search engines like Google and Bing. Metrics like Alternative text, broken links, H1 and H2 heading designations, image file sizes, meta title and meta description integrity, amount of content, back-links and sitemap are quickly scanned.

Then, Your Social Readiness

You probably have a super cool Instagram account and a Facebook page that would make Kim Kardashian jealous. But if the scan is not able to find them easily, then there is a fair chance that your customers might be having trouble finding them as well. The scan provides recommendations on how you can improve your Facebook page’s visibility through your website.

Natural (Organic) & Paid Marketing

The bfound Online Wizard takes a quick look at your keywords to identify the keywords that are giving you organic (SEO based) and paid (Google Ads based) traffic. A surprising majority of businesses in the UAE have

Website Performance & Control

This is where we check to see if your website has Google Analytics. It also checks for metrics like your website’s SSL certification, domain age, website speed, web traffic, etc. Warning: Digital marketing without Google Analytics is like trying to eat soup with a fork.

And Most Importantly, Local Presence

Your local listings are how a growing number of your customers find you online these days. They’re the future of search and they start and end with your Google Maps listings. In fact, they’re so critically important that we actually introduced a second Listings Scan Tool so you can deep dive into your business listings.

So to recap: Thinking of overhauling your digital marketing strategy again because the last time didn’t work? Wondering if a new website should be one of your priorities in your plans for gearing up for 2020? Feeling a little technically lost and wondering where you should start? The bfound Online Wizard gives you the insight you need to make an informed decision.

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