Coping With COVID-19: Your New Business Strategy

While the world fights over toilet paper, potato chips and hand sanitizers, businesses around the world are changing the way they work to stay functional and available. Keeping customers updated with changes in business hours, delivery schedules and product updates can play a massive role during this time.

Go Online With eCommerce

With parks, malls, restaurants and movie theaters closing down, online shopping and content consumption has gone up. Customers expect their favorite brands to be available online. Switching to a fully equipped eCommerce website as your new storefront can help ensure that your customers are able to find what they are looking for.

Your website visitors should be able to use their mobile devices to browse products, place and track orders, talk to you via Live Chat, send enquiries for quotes, and make online and offline payments.

Not sure where to start with your eCommerce website? Here’s what you need.

Control Business Updates

The uniformity of your business/ branding information on social media and business listings always impacts your Google ranking and visibility. This role is more important now than ever before. Tools like the bfound Local Boost are built to give you one-window control over your business information across the internet. Use the free online business listings scan to find where your business stands.

Switch To Social

Use social media marketing to focus on staying connected with your consumers. Your message should be “We’re here for you” instead of the regular “Check out how awesome our products are”. Give your customers reasons to feel comfortable with the circumstances as well as your brand. For example, switch to a warmer tone in your emails and comment responses. Follow-up with cold leads to tell them that you are here if they need any help. Dedicate time and resources to contribute to the wellbeing of your audience.

Empathize In Your Emails

Email open rates are expected to rocket as more customers stay at home and keep a close eye on their email Inbox. Consumers are waiting to receive emails from their banks as well as their favorite brands. Remember to humanize your brands and messaging when sending out emails. Tell your customers how you can help them get through these unsettling times and make it easy for them to reach out to you.

Talk To A Consultant

Feeling unsure? Give us a call at +971 42 49 3832 and talk to one of our consultants to learn more. Talking to a consultant will help you understand how other businesses are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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