No More Missed Calls With bfound Call Tracking

Tired of losing business every time you miss a customer’s call? Your prayers have been answered! Coming to you from bfound’s library of amazing services, the bfound Call Tracking tool is a flexible service that is built to help businesses take control of their incoming customer calls. Clubbed with the bfound Scheduling Tool, it is the perfect way to help push your target customers from ‘lead’ to ‘loyal customer’!

Missed Call Alerts

One of the best features of the Call Tracking service is the missed call alert. You can now recapture lost leads every time you miss a call from a customer, thanks to immediate missed call email notifications.

Call Recordings

Improve your customer care department’s on-call processes with automated call recordings. All calls are recorded, and you can listen to them through a convenient all-in-one dashboard later.

Annual Fee – Unlimited Use

The bfound Call Tracking service is an annual subscription that is free of limits. This means that you can receive, record and log unlimited incoming calls throughout the year.

Optimize Campaigns

As a truly scaleable solution, businesses with multiple operational campaigns can also use multiple call tracking numbers to find out which of their ads/campaigns are performing better.

Digital & Non-Digital Benefits

The Call Tracking service can function as a stand-alone solution and you can use it for any reasons. In addition to using it for your digital marketing campaigns, you can also use it to track the incoming calls from your non-digital campaigns such as with print advertising.

How does it work?

  1. Advertise virtual numbers: Advertise a unique virtual number for each ad campaign, client or even each billboard location
  2. Customers call: Potential customers see your ad, and if interested, dial the virtual number to reach your business.
  3. The data behind the scenes: The dashboard captures data about every call, including date and time, called and calling parties, call completion status, call duration, and more.

Measuring marketing performance is critical but challenging. Make smarter decisions based on results and get a better understanding of what works for you. The bfound Call Tracking tool helps Improve your conversions and optimize the spending on your online and offline marketing budget more efficiently by knowing which marketing sources your phone leads and sales are actually coming from.

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