Is Your Business Ready For Voice Search?

By 2020, 50% of all online searches and 30% of all website sessions will be conducted using voice search. How does this work and what does your business need to stay on the map? At bfound, we’ve got your back.

The Shift To Voice Search

Search has gone from consumers choosing from 10 links on the SERP page, to getting 3 links via local search (as seen in Google Maps), to AI search where the engine gives us one specific response. In this ecosystem, the biggest challenge is keeping up with rapidly evolving voice search technology (like voice activated AIs such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc.) is ensuring information accuracy and quality.

Kiss Direct Traffic Goodbye

For the last few decades, the digital marketing industry has focused on building bigger and better websites for businesses. Now, 73% of high-intent traffic is going to (and being swallowed up by) new technology like Search, Maps, Directories, Voice and Chat. Direct website traffic is dropping – especially for SMBs. Having a website is still an integral part of the digital eco-system of course, but not nearly enough anymore.

Where Does My Business Fit In?

Understanding business development challenges and opportunities is not possible without first understanding the 3 levels of the modern search universe .

  • Level 3: Knowledge Graph (The information library and knowledge network)
  • Level 2: Artificial Intelligence (The brain that customizes searches for the user)
  • Level 1: User Interface (Anything from a traditional search engine to a voice activated assistant)

We cannot touch Level 1 and Level 2 as they are proprietary and cannot be influenced by service/product offering businesses. Businesses will always react to developments in User Interface and Artificial Intelligence. Businesses do however have full control over the information that goes into the Knowledge Graph. The better the quality of information that goes into the knowledge network, the more businesses will be able to stay ahead of the curve when developments take place at Level 1.

bfound’s Local Boost feeds your business information directly into the digital knowledge management network from which Alexa obtains data when conducting a voice activated search.

Taking Control & Staying Ahead With Local Boost

Brand Consistency & Control

bfound Local Boost manages consistency while the control is in the hands of the business. businesses can manage and control the brand information that powers voice search results.


Information fed into bfound Local Boost goes directly into a Digital Knowledge Management system, from where it is fed to leading listing, map and directory platforms that power voice search engines around the world. bfound Local boost offers businesses the ability to be discovered when it matters the most – without fail.

Operational Efficiency

bfound Local Boost offers an opportunity to reduce the time and resources required to manage information across over 20 platforms.

Customer Experience

Your ratings and reviews have a direct impact on your likelihood of being recommended by voice search engines. bfound Local Boost allows you to keep a close eye (and respond to) customer feedback, ratings and reviews. It also makes sure that your customer sees the right answers and information for your services/products.

Where Do I Start?

Here: bfound Local Listings Scan

The bfound Local Listings Scan tool has been built to scan your business listings and deliver a complete analysis of your listings’ health. Simply enter your business name, address, phone number, city and email address to get started.

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