Digital Marketing Strategies That Will Take UAE Businesses From 2019 To 2020

With Expo 2020 around the corner, the completion of Amazon’s acquisition of Souq and the ramping up of marketing by platforms like Noon and Namshi, the UAE is now primed for a new digital boom. Internet and mobile device penetration in the UAE are at a globally recognized high and promise to synergize marketing efforts if leveraged sensibly. The iron is hot, and it is time to strike. The only question now is: What’s your plan?

Don’t Spend It If You Can’t Track It

The ability to track and calibrate campaign performance is one of the original reasons behind the exponential growth in digital marketing and still continues to drive businesses towards search and social media marketing. Digital marketing channels and platforms have effectively put campaign performance tracking challenges to rest. However, understanding complex tracking dashboards can be a time-consuming ordeal.

That’s why bfound’s campaigns come with purpose-built and user-friendly tracking dashboards that help you see the numbers that are relevant. But perhaps the biggest advantage is that you could never call Google or Facebook to ask for help with a campaign, but bfound’s team is always a call away and happy to help.

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Outdoor Media Marries Digital Advertising

The modern consumer does not engage with any offer and/or deal if you do not have an adequate online presence and visibility to validate your propositions. This means that you can’t distribute flyers or put a fancy LED Billboard on Sheikh Zayed road without an accompanying digital marketing strategy in place. Remember that your consumer does not have the time to go to your website and search for your latest offer. In fact, you have less than 7 seconds (on a good day), to convert your visitor into a lead.

bfound’s services have been built to tune your business’s marketing engine to this audience.

Content Messaging Matters Most

As 2020 approaches, businesses will quickly mature to make sure that all of active content is primed for competitive promotion. This includes everything from product photos and team photos, to the content promoted via social media posting and the content on websites. With an 80% expat population, there is no one-size-fits-all content type and successful businesses will move quickly to launch a combination of content types to reach high-intent audience.

Thanks to the recent boom in voice search, content has gone beyond text, video and images. Your content is now shared and reshared automatically across dozens of platforms across the web. Read more about how you can control your brand’s content that is beyond your reach.

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Go Social Or Go Home

With a significant part of UAE’s web traffic coming in from search engines, companies often make the mistake of leaving their social media accounts to die in dormancy. Having served over 2,000 businesses across the UAE, bfound’s experience validates that social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat will be the battlegrounds of 2020’s most aggressive digital marketing strategies.

Businesses will compete for everything from post engagement to page fans – but paid ads (post boosts and paid promotions) will continue to deliver the lion’s share of social reach and visibility. This reach and visibility will fuel short and long-term ROI, yielding results far more effective than SEO efforts and almost coming close to those coming in from paid search campaigns.

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A Marketing Eco-System

Modern day online presence and visibility are a combination of your website, social media posting and search/social ads. Sustaining a healthy, trackable and scaleable marketing eco-system means that your messaging will be aligned with all of your active content and competitive promotions are uniformly visible across all of these platforms.

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