Beyond Nutrition Gears Up To Drive Cost-Effective Traffic and Leads To An Optimized Website

Beyond Nutrition had a website built and hosted on Wix, but DIY website builders and tools were negatively impacting their digital ROI. bfound reengineered their online presence with conversion-optimized landing pages and targeted digital advertising campaign to convert the company’s audience, in both English and Arabic.

The Problem

Beyond Nutrition is a German owned and managed health and wellness center, located in the heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai.

Beyond Nutrition had a website built and hosted on Wix. The platform was not facilitating the company’s digital marketing goals, and they felt that unnecessary complications combined with lack of local awareness, were weighing down on online visibility.

They had been looking into other popular services and packages. Online solutions and DIY website builders sounded great and looked fancy but didn’t provide the flexibility and effectiveness you get with a customized built solution.

The Objective

The bfound team took the time to study the Beyond Nutrition business model and identified a number of measures that had to be taken before an adequately crafted strategy could be implemented.

It was determined that the Wix platform was not sufficiently customization friendly and presented definite impediments in the areas of SEO optimization, app integration and overall flexibility. The team also established that an elaborately designed Google search campaign was needed to effectively promote the company’s broad portfolio of services.

Implementation, Execution & Tactics

The team started by helping Beyond Nutrition migrate away from Wix and brought them on to WordPress, which unlocked a world of opportunities for us.

bfound worked extensively on the website’s user experience and optimized the layout wherever their webpages needed improvement.

Special attention was given to ensuring that conversion optimized landing pages existed for all major service offerings. All of this came together to create the digital marketing engine that Beyond Nutrition had been aiming for from the very start! Once the setup was complete, bfound deployed a sophisticated search campaign to fuel this engine.

Multiple search campaigns were setup, each focusing on individual services. The constituting Ad-Groups were created to enable ad delivery (and segmented landing page designation) at an additionally granular level. This also allowed for the simultaneous testing of multiple keyword-match types.

The campaign was built to reach the company’s audience in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, in both English and Arabic.


  • bfound’s search campaign has been achieving the target CPA consistently for 4 months.
  • The campaign’s 7.5% conversion rate is well above their industry average.
  • Beyond Nutrition was able to break free from the limitations of the Wix platform.

WordPress’ flexibilities made it possible to align the website’s content and structure in line with the company’s aim of educating the target audience – enabling them to make informed decisions. Beyond Nutrition wanted to keep a close eye on costs and the real-time tracking served to provide positive reassurance.

Check out the brand new Beyond Nutrition website here:

Beyond Nutrition continues to trust and work with bfound, focusing on optimizing their user experience while also drawing actionable intelligence from analytics – optimizing the campaign to maximize ROI on an on-going basis.

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